Key Benefits

  • Analyse data for effective management of resources
  • Record exact location and time of events
  • Be notified as early as possible to respond to situations
  • Greatly reduce time required for admin tasks

Key Features

  • Receive live alerts for defined events
  • Non-conformance reporting & action management
  • Schedule reports for delivery by email & phone
  • Flexible drill-down dashboard reporting
  • Vehicle & driver utilisation data
  • Exception reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Organise and interpret vast amounts of data to make informed decisions. Hawk-Eye, the web-based platform, automatically consolidates and presents fleet data into tables and Excel spreadsheets. This information can then be analysed for improved efficiency and to identify areas for consideration.

Non-Conformance Reporting & Corrective Action Management

Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR) tool automatically records all non-conformance events providing end to end management reporting. Corrective action can then be taken using accurate time, date and location information. The system allows you to list driver feedback and sign-off on Corrective Action Management Plan for eventual closeout. Configure reporting on specific events such as fatigue breaches, speeding, irregular engine data and holding times.


Alerting & Notifications

Comprehensive live alerting can be configured for almost any defined or critical event. Giving the ability to proactively manage your fleet and take immediate action when an event or exception occurs.


Performance Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards give you the visibility to see fleet trends and identify specific areas for improvement. Display data in an easy to use manner that can be customised for each business unit. They can incorporate different metrics such as fuel consumption and efficiency, distance travelled, speed, engine idling and high g-force events.