Key Benefits

  • Assists with employee and asset protection
  • Integrates with tracking units
  • Provides insight into critical events
  • Monitors & manages driver behaviour
  • Industry leading high-resolution video with user-friendly interface
  • Professionally installed & hardwired into vehicle

Key Features

  • Connect multiple internal & external camera channels
  • Timely incident replay
  • Auto-capture based on g-force events
  • Alerts for tampering, incidents & triggered duress switch
  • View recorded footage combined with map locations

High-Resolution Video Recording

MTData’s Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) solution is designed and built for the transport industry to monitor and manage remote vehicles. Hardwired within the vehicle, the system integrates with your tracking unit to combine footage with map locations, speed and g-force readings. Enabling proactive management and response. The camera solution stores up to seven days of footage locally on the device and accesses ample cloud storage. It can be configured to send immediate alerts in the event of an accident, a triggered duress switch, camera failure or unit tampering.


The high-resolution video recording unit supports multiple internal or external camera channels. It is a robust system that has the components and durability to deal with temperature changes, unstable voltages, vibration and shock and is able to record right up to the disconnection of power.

This camera solution can be mounted several ways including:

  • Forward facing – recording the driver’s view of the road over their shoulder
  • Inward facing – recording the inside of the cabin and the driver
  • Mirror mounted – recording along the side of the vehicle, including nearby motorists and lane usage