Key Benefits

  • Manage on-time deliveries
  • Clearly see real-time job progress from allocation to delivery
  • Provide limited job status view to end-customer via portal
  • Enable responsive dispatch decisions
  • Manage sub-contractors effectively
  • Multiple ready-to-use templates

Key Features

  • Job planning, allocation & dispatch
  • Directly dispatch jobs to drivers
  • Define actions for each leg of the job with live driver prompts
  • Attain proof of delivery & image capture
  • Easy to use Android App solution for sub-contractors

Job Dispatch Module

MTData’s job dispatch and planning module, Jobs, enables paperless job dispatch, directly from Hawk-Eye, the web-based platform. The Jobs module integrates with live tracking in Hawk-Eye, enabling dispatchers to easily manage on-time deliveries. Multiple Transport Management Systems integrate with Jobs, providing dispatchers with the ability to define one or more legs to a job and specify the actions that takes place at each leg, including the pick-up and delivery times, product types, units of measure and item quantity. Early detection of delays or unforeseen circumstances allows you to take preventative measures.


Comprehensive job reporting is available to show all pick-up and delivery time stamps along with a proof of delivery signature if required. Customer facing portals allow for limited tracking information to be made available. Talon, the in-vehicle driver tablet, enables drivers to complete jobs efficiently and on-time.

Features include:

  • Pre-trip/job questionnaires
  • Automatic Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • In-vehicle job creation
  • Image capture & sign-on glass
  • Two-way messaging
  • Job comment entry


Job Types

Our Job Dispatch Management solution offers multiple industry specific dispatch templates.

  • Pallet – pallet movements, pick-ups, deliveries, returns, transfers
  • Bin – commercial Bin waste movements
  • Concrete – Agi job movements, full job statusing – integrates with Jonel
  • Delivery – basic delivery template, managing all job actions including scales integration
  • Simple – simple one leg job data capture, customer and question list retrieval
  • Container – point-to-point container management including driver container request jobs
  • Passenger/Bus – stop list and passenger list functionally, swipe cards and ticket sales

These templates host many features including list management functionality, on-site and customer information, job-statusing, dynamic question lists and Route to job availability.

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Swift: Sub-Contractor & Field Worker App

The phone App, Swift, has been designed in conjunction with drivers for drivers. It delivers cost effective two-way management of sub-contractors and mobile workers through the driver’s mobile device. If full vehicle tracking is not required, the Swift App is an efficient way of communicating with and coordinating sub-contractors and mobile workers. Swift manages the complete process from job dispatch through to electronic proof-of-delivery. Monitored in real-time with features such as history replay, pre-trip questionnaires and image capture.