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Maintain fatigue compliance with confidence

One of the biggest safety factors on the road is driver fatigue. Don’t leave room for error and support your drivers with a complete fatigue solution like Complete Fatigue so they can get on with what they do best.

MTData – the complete solution

With a significant reduction in road fatalities involving heavy vehicles, we review the many ways MTData helps to keep business moving on safer roads.

Mobileye – the two most important seconds in business.

Did you know that two seconds of warning could avoid 80% of forward collisions? Drivers operate in a challenging work environment and often respond to unexpected behaviours on the road. Even a short period of inattention can have catastrophic results.

Whitepaper on Fatigue Management in Diesel Magazine

Diesel Magazine and MTData have combined forces to bring you a whitepaper on fatigue management in response to the National Transport Commission’s review of compliance laws. This is critical to any business operating a fleet of vehicles. Read on for information about the future of fatigue management.


Webinar: Turn Supply Chain & Asset Data Into Decisions

June 18, 2020 - June 18, 2020

Telstra’s upcoming live webinar on June 18th at 11am EST covers how to “Turn Supply Chain & Asset Data Into Decisions.” There will be an engaging panel discussion about digitisation and compounding value with Supply Chain and IoT.

Why do businesses need MTData?

Staying connected with your fleet has never been easier. Our centralised platform enables you to make informed decisions and take action immediately. MTData’s solutions keep busy people on the move. Making it simple to stay connected, identify opportunities and mitigate risks.