Our technologies are implemented across many different industries around the globe. Select your industry below to discover our innovative solutions.

Designed and built for the transport industry, our industry-leading technology will provide your business with comprehensive tools to monitor, track, communicate and review your fleet.

We offer an in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) for both heavy and light vehicles in the mining, coal, oil and gas industry that gives you total visibility of your fleet.

Do you have a fleet of vehicles or employees out in the field? Our tracking solution will help your service business improve its productivity, reduce costs, and enhance your customer service.

Our tools will help you enhance the quality control of mixes, from quarry to customer by monitoring agitators, barrel revolutions and water usage. Your business will have access to advanced job integration between common batching systems.

Looking for a solution to manage your waste or recycling fleet? We have a range of innovative tools, which include connections to the Bin Lift Hydraulic and GPS tracking, providing live statuses of each job, and in pickup statistics.

We have an extensive range of fleet management solutions and health and safety initiatives, which are effective across the forest management and log transport industry, farming, and natural resources sector.

To meet the high demands of public transport and bus services, our fleet management system will provide your operators with endless features to help improve passenger safety, reduce operation costs, and ensure a smooth service.

Open up the potential of your courier fleet with our comprehensive range of solutions. We provide tools to plan and dispatch jobs, ensuring they are completed on-time and efficiently.

Our solutions have been designed to provide agencies that operate in Police, Fire, Ambulance, Rescue, Prisons and Security environments. Our feature rich platform offers agencies a highly secure yet flexible system for use in rigorous high pressure settings.