Key Facts

  • 950 trucks across 35 fleets
  • Implemented in Australia (Victoria and New South Wales), New Zealand, and USA (Idaho)
  • Fit for purpose in-cab terminal with two-way messaging
  • Automatic GPS status updates via webservices
  • G-Force Sensors for monitoring driver behaviour especially harsh cornering
  • Software controlled hands-free voice calling


Asset Forestry Logistics is a New Zealand based company, focusing on developing forestry software domestically as well as globally. Established in 1993, Asset services the forestry industry with its wood flow management software, Wood Supply Execution (WSX).

With its 70% market share in the forestry sector in New Zealand, Asset supplies logistics information to wood supply operations, from the North Island to the South Island.

Since the 2008 implementation, MTData telematics and hardware have supported Asset to offer its solution to the global forestry sector, which operates in 950 trucks across 35 fleets.

Forefront of Technology

Asset’s customers manage their forestry logistics and execute their log production and delivery plan through their WSX software. MTData’s web-based software, Hawk-Eye, is used by Asset extensively, which includes, messaging, management of waypoints (geofences), maintenance scheduling, and voice based communications using MTData’s cellular voice capabilities.

Waypoint reporting is used significantly in Asset’s daily operations to manage trucks and woodflow in their WSX software. Essentially, allowing for ‘voiceless’ communications between log loaders and log trucks.

“The new functionality available in MTData’s system is becoming more important to our customers specifically around Chain of Responsibility,” Asset Forestry’s General Manager, Matthew Ludbrook said.

“After careful consideration, we concluded that MTData was the right solution to provide that function and our decision has proved to be a good one.”

Improved Efficiency

With their ability to improve efficiencies and meet key objectives, Asset has been able to increase their fleet capacity, reduce fleet mileage, counter rising transportation costs, and collaboratively maximise productivity.

Asset deployed the MTData Operating System (OS), which interfaces with the electronic load record, so the driver, the truck owner, the dispatch team, and the forest owner can view the status of each journey and delivery validation.

“MTData’s solution is targeted at the log transport providers for them to use as a business tool to improve the efficiency of their trucking operations,” Mr Ludbrook described.

“Asset’s integration with both the in-cab device and tracking data, enables the Central Dispatch Operations, and the forest company to view the accuracy of GPS data of the log tracking functionality in WSX.”

Better Delivery Methods

MTData’s system has provided Asset with extensive reporting, advantageous ways to maximise fleet utilisation across their operations, and the ability to use their resources in the supply chain effectively.

Asset’s WSX software underpins the Forestry Logistics process that is coordinated through regional Central Dispatch operations, and/or by independent trucking contractors providing the logistics services directly.

Managing the uplift and delivery of logs, gives Asset full visibility of the in-forest production and inventory activity, to maximise the productivity of the trucking fleet.

Electronic documentation is linked to the load and tracked through MTData’s solution and pulled into the Asset database to validate the status of each load in real time.

MTData’s solution provides the Asset’s WSX with vehicle location data, which is used to improve harvesting and transport productivity. Asset’s reporting platforms give contractors visibility over their equipment and alerts, where downtime events impact on daily earnings.

“Each load has an electronic ticket record established in our software that is validated at delivery and through journey process, linking any sub-optimal activity and/or downtime events to that trucks activity record,” Mr Ludbrook explained.

“The automated journey notifications from MTData’s tracking data, and the automatic data feeds from weighbridges, validate the delivery ticket information for our customers.

“The data is then pushed through to the client contract and settlements system for contractor payment and customer invoicing.”

Reliable Solution

MTData’s hardware and Assets WSX software manage fleet activity to maintain health, safety, and compliance standards.

The functionality has been implemented within MTData’s system to monitor driver behaviour and performance, which supports the driver points system. This includes, G-forces, which monitor harsh cornering, hard braking and acceleration, which will aim to avoid rollover incidents.

“MTData’s solution have ticked all our boxes we need right now, and we feel that the technology pathway has aligned with what we are trying to do going forward,” Mr Ludbrook described.

“If we weren’t able to provide that for our customers, they would be more inclined to go to the market and look elsewhere.”

Global Presence

Asset’s strong global operational presence in New Zealand and Australia, has expanded to include Europe and North America.

“Partnering with MTData has added great features to our product suite that keeps us at the leading edge of transport and logistics technologies in the forestry domain,” Mr Ludbrook explained.

“Since we have developed the integration points with MTData, both in-cab and server side, we confidently market the reliable and robust telematics supplier and partner as an integrated ‘turn-key’ solution for forestry logistics.”

MTData is a proud partner in assisting Asset with their expansion into the Australian market. By constantly investing in new research to keep up to date with forestry technology and software, MTData provides a highly competitive product for forestry businesses.

“There is no comparable solution with the proven track record and market presence that Asset provides to the forestry segment,” Mr Ludbrook said.

“Australian forestry contractors have been neglected for a long time in terms of targeted research and technology in this specialised field of forestry logistics.

“Asset, with the support of MTData, has made their in-cab technology available to the Australian forestry contractors for this purpose.”

North America is another market that Asset has broken into in recent years.

“I haven’t seen anything in the North American market that would serve us better than MTData,” Mr Ludbrook concluded.

“Every opportunity that we have in North America to present to clients, it will be using the MTData platform; and if we did not have that our offering would not be as strong.”

Published 12 April 2016