• Productivity


    • Report on KPIs & DIFOT
    • Enhance asset utilisation
    • Streamline operational processes
    • Enable effective decision making
  • Reduce CST

    Reduce Costs

    • Reduce manual processes
    • On-board drivers quickly & efficiently
    • Limit downtime through preventative maintenance
    • Savings add up to substantial gains
  • Safety Compliance in Fleet

    Safety & Compliance

    • Remotely monitor & manage vehicles
    • Manage CoR obligations
    • Identify, evaluate & control risk
    • Conduct vehicle inspections & incident reports with ease
Trailer Tracking Systems

MTData: 20 years Australasian made & owned

MTData supplies solutions tailored to Australasian industry and conditions to specifically address your business needs. MTData’s configurable solutions integrate with your existing systems to make it even easier for your staff. Look no further for an industry-leading telematics partner who combines intelligent firmware with high-quality technology.

  • Fleet Tracking Australia

    Australian designed & made

  • Fleet Compliance

    Compliance made easy

  • Alert Icon

    Real-time alerts & notification

  • GPS Fleet Tracking

    Live tracking & full visibility

  • Mobile and Tablet

    Handsfree device

  • Sign Glass

    Job dispatch & sign-on glass

  • Fleet Tracking Camera

    MDVR cameras

  • Fleet Mass Management

    On-board mass

  • Satellite Icon

    Spark & Vodafone networks & optional satellite for remote areas


    • Deliver meaningful information to managers
    • Transform data into dashboards and reports
    • Identify and evaluate potential risks
    • Use business intelligence for operational gains
    • Reduce costs with efficient fleet utilisation

    • Protect drivers with proactive alerts
    • Maintain compliance with complex legislation
    • Collect & store information digitally
    • Communicate safely with drivers
    • Built tough for rugged conditions

    • Tailored for workers in the field
    • Use on your own device
    • Track jobs from dispatch to delivery with sign-on glass proof
    • Monitor journeys in real-time and history replay
    • Record types of trips for reporting

What our clients say

Asset Forestry Logistics

MTData have kept pace with technology, providing hardware and software upgrades over time to ensure Asset’s customers have not ever felt compromised by our commitment to deploy the MTData solution into the forestry environment.

Mr. Matthew Ludbrook General Manager Asset Forestry Logistics