Trailer Tracking & Refrigerated Temperature Monitoring

Track the live location and history of your trailers, and remotely monitor the temperature and location of your refrigerated trailer units.

Key features

  • Independent trailer tracking (battery operated)
  • Monitor distance travelled and time at site
  • Integrates with refrigerators (incl. Carrier and Thermo-King)
  • Monitor supply, return and zone temperatures
  • Immediately notify drivers of temperature changes

Key benefits

  • Meet Cold Chain Compliance
  • Prevent unit failures and shut downs
  • Maximise trailer utilisation
  • Manage losses and unauthorised movements
  • Temperature reporting and proof-of-delivery

Trailer Tracking

We offer a fully independent and robust trailer tracking solution, enabling you to track your trailers live, 24/7. View the distance travelled, holding time at sites, proof-of-delivery, routes taken, and unauthorised actions.

Refrigerated Temperature Monitoring

Our tracking units integrate with a range of refrigeration units (including Carrier and Thermo King), enabling remote monitoring of the temperature and the location of your refrigerated trailers. This will help you avoid damaged stock, ensure quality assurance, and enhance your Cold Chain Compliance. The solution allows you to remotely view your set point, return, and supply air temperatures. Once the refrigerator’s temperature has been set, operators can set alerts based around unacceptable temperature variations. Notifications are also triggered for any events of engine failures, unit shut downs, low fuel, and engine error codes.

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We are excited to announce that Aldi, the Queensland branch, have installed MTData’s technology into its first 50 units of trailers, with more to follow.