DVR Camera Solution

A rugged and high-resolution DVR camera system that can connect up to four camera channels. Records multi-views including front, rear, side, and in-cab footage.

Key features

  • Connects up to four camera channels
  • Multi-view for front, rear, side and in-cab footage
  • Auto-capture based on G-force events
  • Alerts for tampering, incidents and triggered duress switch
  • Integrated system combining footage with map locations

Key benefits

  • Assists with compliance requirements
  • Capture incidents and high G-force events
  • Monitor and manage driver behaviour
  • Assists with insurance costs
  • Protects drivers and businesses in litigation

DVR Camera Solution

Our rugged and high-resolution Digital Video Recording (DVR) camera solution supports up to four camera channels and integrates with the tracking unit, combining recorded footage with map locations. This camera solution will assist you to meet industry requirements, and recorded footage can be used in litigation and understanding the cause of an incident event.

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