Comprehensive Tracking (3G or Satellite)

Advanced GPS tracking, performance dashboards, reports, proactive alerting, history replay and waypoint management (geo-fence) in one central location.

Key features

  • View arrival/departure times and travel route
  • Receive live alerts for defined or critical events
  • 3G or Satellite communication options
  • View fleet performance via dashboard or reports
  • Pin-point any unforeseen travel and speeding

Key benefits

  • Achieve complete fleet transparency
  • Enhance fleet performance and utilisation
  • Reduce downtime, costs and idling
  • Make informed decisions based on fleet data
  • Improve compliance and identify issues

Live Tracking and More

View each vehicle’s location, direction, speed, route, and idling using our web-based software, Hawk-Eye, and iOS App. Users can easily pin-point the live location of a vehicle 24/7, as well as replay the full journey of their route.

Alerting and Notifications

You can set up email alerting and notifications on Hawk-Eye, for almost any critical event, such as speeding, exceeded holding time at site, and fatigue breaches. This tool enables proactive management, and keeps you informed of your fleet.

Dashboards and Reports

We give you actionable information to make informed decisions. The dashboards will provide you with a visual representation of your fleet’s performance, such as fuel efficiency and distance travelled. We also offer more than 50 reports, which provides much more detailed data.

Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR) and Action Management

Our NCR tool records all non-conformance events, providing end-to-end reporting for management. It is self-configurable, allowing you to define your own non-conformance rules to suit your business.

Satellite Communication (Optional)

Monitor and manage your remote fleet with our satellite communication option. This gives you access to live tracking, fatigue management, two-way messaging, duress systems, and much more when your fleet is outside of mobile coverage.

Let's work together

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We are thrilled to announce that we are now expanding into the Nordic and wider European market. Our latest office will be located in Helsinki, Finland to support our customer Taksi Helsinki, who have a fleet of 1,400 taxis.

Transport & Logistics • 21 trucks • Australia

Dunnings Fuel is a fuel distributor based in Western Australia operating across the state with various depots, farming areas and service stations providing prompt and efficient services to their customers.

We are excited to welcome Pan Pac Forest Products as a new customer! The forestry and timber products company is located north of Napier, New Zealand.