We are excited to welcome Pan Pac Forest Products as a new customer! The forestry and timber products company is located north of Napier, New Zealand.

Established in 1971, Pan Pac own the cutting rights to over 33,500 hectares of forest plantation, which the company manages themselves, from planting through to harvesting.

Pan Pac’s large fleet transport logs from the forest to either Pan Pac’s own timber or pulp mills or to the Ports of Napier, Wellington or Gisborne for export.

The company have implemented our advanced tracking system into their fleet of 80 logging trucks, which work in conjunction with Talon, our latest in-vehicle driver tablet solution.

Talon will provide Pan Pac drivers with electronic document management, Point of Interest (POI), and other comprehensive features.

All voice and data communication straight from the driver, is sent to Pan Pac’s operations.

Our technology will be used by Pan Pac to focus on delivering enhanced health and safety functionality.

Pan Pac will have access to a customised driver points system, speed monitoring, pre-trip questionnaires, Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR) and action management.

Pan Pac’s fleet has also been fitted with our Engine Management CanBus interface, which monitors fuel consumption and captures real-time engine events, such as pressures, RPM’s, oil temperature and odometer readings.

For more information on Pan Pac Forest Products, please visit www.panpac.co.nz.

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