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We have an extensive range of fleet management solutions and health and safety initiatives, which are effective across the forest management and log transport industry, farming, and natural resources sector.

Our solutions include GPS tracking, truck camera, centralised voiceless dispatch, and lone worker duress; to provide your managers with the live locations of vehicles and personnel to assist in the event of an emergency.

Have access to up-to-date job information, manage on-time deliveries, electronically plan, schedule and dispatch jobs, and obtain proof-of-delivery.

Advanced GPS tracking, performance dashboards, reports, proactive alerting, history replay and waypoint management (geo-fence) in one central location.

Choose from a range of tools including proactive fatigue management, speed management, duress system, harsh driving reporting, and fit-for-duty declaration.

Mass management solutions including, IAP (Intelligent Access Program) monitoring, and OBM (On-Board Mass). Our solution integrates with electronic on-board scales.

A rugged and high-resolution DVR camera system that can connect up to four camera channels. Records multi-views including front, rear, side, and in-cab footage.

Electronically send and store all the required documentation to drivers, including licenses, gazettes, permits and safe journey plans.

The in-vehicle driver touchscreen supports fatigue, fit for duty, mass, electronic documents, two-way communication, jobs, sign-on glass, audible alerts, and an optional phone.

Track the live location and history of your trailers, and remotely monitor the temperature and location of your refrigerated trailer units.

Obtain engine data, including, oil temperature, RPM’s, pressure, and odometer readings, and our maintenance feature will notify of you upcoming services.

Monitor your lone workers with our long-lasting personnel tracking device, which provides an emergency duress button for added safety.


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  • MTData have kept pace with technology, providing hardware and software upgrades over time to ensure Asset’s customers have not ever felt compromised by our commitment to deploy the MTData solution into the forestry environment.

    General Manager of Asset Forestry Logistics, Mr Matthew Ludbrook, 2015


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We are excited to welcome Pan Pac Forest Products as a new customer! The forestry and timber products company is located north of Napier, New Zealand.

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Asset’s fleets use MTData’s web-based software Hawk-Eye extensively, which includes messaging, management of waypoints, maintenance scheduling, and voice based communications using MTData’s 7050s cellular voice capabilities.